I ♥ Faces, fix it friday Week 26

I just found a blog. And I think it’s quite fun, because in every Friday there is always a game to fix a cool picture. Most of it is a babe picture. So I dont have much to do and I decide to participate. beside the girl in picture is lovely 🙂

Btw I used PS CS 2


Btw dont forget to visit my deviantart 😀

original picture :


first, I cropped it because when I see more often the picture is kinda weird.no, it’s just because wrong position I think, but after all its good. After that I gave a little make up


then I played with curves, hue and saturation, color and balance, and layer.


last I made it softer and i gave it an lightning effect


Done! dont forget to visit my deviantart 😀

4 Responses to I ♥ Faces, fix it friday Week 26

  1. Melinda says:

    Love the way you cropped the photos! Gorgeous job!

  2. Amandalynn says:

    I agree, the cropping is great!

  3. Stephanie says:

    what a unique crop.

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