Well, now I’m trying to post about 3eb concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. This concert is named JAVA ROCKING LAND. It’s 3 days concert. 1st day schedule is VERTICAL HORIZONS and MELEE (7th August 09), on Saturday 8th August, we had MR. BIG and SECONDHAND SERENADE. And third one of course THIRD EYE BLIND and MEW. But not only them of course, we’ve got another local rock bands on schedule and many stages on there. It’s located at Carnaval Beach, Ancol, Jakarta.

I don’t watch the first and the second schedule. I’m focusing on the third one, especially Third Eye Blind. They showed up on 9.24 pm. But before them I watched Mew from really far away and by sitting down on the grass. Well I didn’t really care about Mew concert, I like them but not really and it’s just not my genre of music I usually choose. So I sat down until Mew finished their last song on 8.30 pm. And I went run to another stage, and back to the biggest stage where Mew used to play to get the first row. I almost got the first row, but yeah finally I was on the second row. That’s good too, cos I can saw the band and the sound was really good butttt my pocket camera didn’t….!!! Hate it! 😛 That’s why I don’t have any good picture of them.
See my link here:

Brad, Thony, and Abe showed up and played music, then Stephan showed up too.. It still felt like dream that night. The songs they played are: Wounded, Motorcycle Drive, Faster, Graduate, Jumper, Semi Charmed Life, Don’t believe a word, Never let you go, Losing a Whole Year, Can you take me, About a break or water landing (i was confusing cos I heard that the “inside one” as on about to break too) but he said it was “water landing”, I want you back by Michael Jackson, then the last song is How is going to be. (Hope nothing’s left)

I really appreciated Stephan learned Indonesian language by saying “Hidup Indonesia” which means “Go Indonesia” or “Support Indonesia”. That’s really cool too when he said, people said to them not to go to my country, but he didn’t agree cos he knew one of the best people is from Indonesia, and he said OBAMA. Man, it’s amazing he said good thing about us after that bombing things.

And we’re really honored too when he said for the first time he played “water landing” in their show! And it was my wish at home before going to their concert. gosh..

They played really great, and we’ve got many people enjoying their music, jumping, singing together, and shouting out loud for them. On Jumper, thony and Brad played solo, amazing. And you know what, after they played Semi Charmed Life, they said “Sampai Jumpa” which means “Goodbye” the stage was dark, then. Then we shout that we wanted still more, many times, and on that time, I just cant believe that I had my tears went down! Good they’re back, if they’re not I could crying out loud. Then they’re back, singing “I want You Back” by Michael Jackson..Cool.. He said he like MJ. After that they played How it’s going to be. Then Thony and Brad stand up, Stephan played solo with his guitar. Brad threw his stick to the spectactor. While fireworks were there on the sky and it’s beautiful night . I’m happy I still found many many Indonesian people love them too after 6years. Hope I can see them again soon, but I wish I could see them playing every night 🙂

Btw I’ve got their videos that I record with my cam…but Sorry for the quality coz I jumped so much, I waved my hand so much too, but that time I still wanted to record them. And another bad things are the audio quality of my cam is really bad (The sound much much better than in video I have).. and I only got low memory in my pocket cam. I prefer enjoying the music and the band to recording it .
here they are:

but i recommend u to watch these, i found these from youtube , not mine:

well I post this too on: The Assembly of

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