Lippo Cikarang Water Boom


Yesterday I just visited another water adventure with my office mates. One of my friends is using a CDMA card called Flexi which gives 40% discount to have a water experience in Lippo Cikarang Waterboom for maximum 5 persons. So if we have to pay Rp 55.000 in Sunday and holiday, so by using it, we only pay for Rp 23.000 each person. So we went to Cikarang using a public vehicle. From Jakarta it usually takes about one hour to go to Cikarang, and by using red public vehicle we just spent Rp 5.500 each and added with local transportation about Rp 3.000.

After arrived in Lippo Cikarang Water boom I found it as a harmoniously place to go. It’s beautiful. Then I started wishing I could get a better experience than in Atlantis. We paid Rp 5.000 for the locker box, same as in Atlantis, Ancol. There were many boxes those we can use to. And for the dressing room, I thought I found more comfort in Atlantis, because it’s wider. And don’t forget to rent a buoy.

In Lippo Cikarang Water Boom we can move with gliding action with or without buoy that we rent from a very high place and it’s safe. We’ve got an experience with current water too but less challenging than in Atlantis. Volley Ball in pool, square of sands, and pools for kids are other things Lippo Cikarang water boom offered.

Overall I prefer going to Atlantis to Lippo Cikarang Waterboom. Why because Atlantis is closer and offering more entertainments than in Lippo Cikarang Water Boom. But if you are looking for a harmoniously place, just go to Lippo Cikarang Water Boom to get a water adventure.



3 Responses to Lippo Cikarang Water Boom

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