no falling down again

Actually I don’t wanna put any story of my heart’s feeling in here. But I need writing it in here. I need someone listening or maybe reading what I felt, or maybe you don’t read it, but it’s ok because it’s still like there is someone listening, although there isn’t any.

I’m just wondering, is it wrong to love a person you just met only once, and then he’s not totally your type, with common face, with bad attitude, with anything I even don’t know. That’s what I felt. For me, it’s wrong. Because it happens so many times, I’m one of kind who falls so easy to a man, although it’s no hard to forget him too. But I’ve been conducted of two years with no one. I have no one to talk, to hold, and listening for every time. I’ve got friends. They’re always there for me, but also sometimes they went away, disappearing. On weekend, or even not only in weekend, that’s because they don’t have to. Friends are always going to be friend. They won’t go to be your mom, your dad, your boyfriend. That’s true. They have their own life. I also don’t want they take too much care over me.

Then when I felt again for stranger, that was the last time for me. It was really so bad. Love is not beautiful as I think. Today I just realized about it. I felt so much for a stranger. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe it’s going to be better if I stop loving someone, and stop thinking about the hell called love. It hurts me so. It ruins my days. I’m the weird one. You’re not.

No falling down again with anyone anywhere anyhow. For now.

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