Check Messenger Status

Are you curious about the status of your friends in Yahoo Messenger or MSN???? Are they online, offline, or maybe invisible??? You don’t have to go online if you only want to check their status. Also you can see anyone who hide his/her appearance.

Go to this Link :
or if you want to see all from your list go to this page:

And here’s the status’ checkers:

the last two I gave are tools to see if someone offline in your list then. If he/she appear online in in status checker it means he/she has blocked you.

Now you know! 😀

6 Responses to Check Messenger Status

  1. skript says:

    hey … you forgot to put in your list.

  2. Roberto says:

    And also Trust me…soon it will be the best

  3. SEO says:

    you didnt put it has a hi5 detector too

  4. Invizibili says:

    Man, i use and it`s work very good.

  5. Dennes says:

    The best Yahoo Invisible Detector scanner 100% accurate.

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