McCain = Bush ???

They look so close together….

Are they same and not much different?

And even so close…

From pictures two above, I know that McCain is such a cry baby..mmm that’s alright, not endanger the world 🙂

From this one, I think they’re not much differences, one type of getting someone to HUG..that’s ok

well i hope if American choose McCain, he’s not going to burn the world or making the world worse like Bush did.

Btw, dont take it seriously 😀

I have no right to vote the president of America, coz I’m not one of America’s Citizen. But America is a big country which its big can influence many political things, decision things, prosperity, safety of any other countries in this world. So I hope American choose the best for their country and the world.

I totally support OBAMA!

Palin is just like an instrument which McCain used to be the number one people in USA even the world.

So I hope you guys vote well. Are you going to feel badness like before or are you going to feel a good change? It’s all on your hands 🙂


One Response to McCain = Bush ???

  1. randu™ says:

    obama for president
    amin 😀

    ~give a peace in the world
    ~amin 😀

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