The most web browser I use

There are many web browsers you can use to surf on the internet, from the worst one until the best one. I don’t mention the worst one because I don’t know which one.

Internet Explorer, Umm…I don’t usually use this browser; I don’t know I just don’t like to use it. I just think it’s not safe to browse using IE and I don’t like the interface.

Flock 1.2.5 is powered by Mozilla. It is called as a social browser. It supports many social networks like facebook, flickr, twitter, and many things. And there are many services you can get, from upload photo from the browser, blog editor, media bar, people side bar, feeds bar, and many more. You have to try this one, coz its fun.

Apple Safari 3.1.2 now supports windows too. It’s really good to know that I can install this browser. The layout is nice, it seems like we use Mac too. Safari is safe to use but not that fast.

Opera 9.5.2 is really a good browser. It’s fast and safe and the design is interesting and simple. The highest version is still compatible. You can add widget on this browser, but I think it’s not really useful. Ok, I just like it.

Google has released Google Chrome Beta, which is a great web browser with many advantages. The layout is simple but nice to see. I love the interface. Every time I open a new tab, I’ll see the most visited sites, so I don’t need to type or search again. And there is no download windows, the download detail will be shown on a new tab in the bottom part of the tab. Clean and fast. I just can’t wait for the full version. The beta version is really good, although sometime I found bug. Oh my God, I like this browser. But don’t forget the minimum system is Windows SP Service Pack 2. I tried to install it in PC at my office which is using Windows XP SP1, but it wasn’t success. But it’s ok, I still can use it on my own notebook. You have to try to install it at

Alright, Firefox is still the most browsers I use. Because of its compatible, safer service, lower of bug, its speed is fast enough. Yeah although the layout of the browser is common, I had no problem of using it.

So if I have to rank them by the most I use after the release of the google chrome beta, my rank should be:

  1. Firefox (Less of problem)
  2. Google Chrome Beta (Fast n Clean)
  3. Opera
  4. Flock
  5. Safari
  6. IE

But I think I fall in love with Google Chrome 😀

Anyway, that’s my opinion as a user (I’m not the expert of something like that.)What’s yours? Which one do you like best and the most you use?

2 Responses to The most web browser I use

  1. randu says:

    at the first time i used firefox…nice..
    after safari for windows was available..i moved to safari
    but now after chrome was launched..i moved to chrome.. 😀

    my choices are:

    1. Safari
    2. Chrome
    3. Firefox

    12345123123. IE


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